Gas production & processing

Our core objective

Aquamarine is to offer a wide range of services to clients on the global stage. We achieve this by consistently delivering exceptional safety records, top-notch quality, all while maintaining competitive pricing.
Man Man
Aquamarine’s supplier network includes major manufacturers from Egypt, the Middle East, Europe, USA, and the Far East. We offer global procurement services for onshore and offshore projects. Our experienced Procurement Team collaborates with reputable supply-chain agents worldwide. Our portfolio includes:
  1. Global Procurement: We source from leading suppliers worldwide.
  2. Local & International Services: We provide procurement solutions locally and globally.
  3. Comprehensive Services: Our offerings include purchasing, quality control, expediting, logistics, and inventory management.
At Aquamarine, we take great pride in our extensive experience spanning multiple engineering disciplines and a well-established track record that speaks for itself. Our engineering services cover the entire spectrum, commencing from initial Feasibility/Techno-Economic studies, progressing through FEED and Detailed engineering, and culminating in the execution phase. All of these services adhere rigorously to ISO compliance procedures and the highest industry standards. Our solutions are always customized to precisely meet our clients' unique needs and specifications.
At Aquamarine, our comprehensive Construction Supervision and Management services cover the entire project life cycle. We initiate with a thorough constructability study and proceed to the meticulous qualification and selection of construction subcontractors through our in-house generated tender packages.
Our track record attests to our prowess in delivering exceptional Construction Supervision and Management services. We boast a dedicated team of experienced quality control engineers and trusted partners, all committed to ensuring that awarded projects are executed in strict adherence to the highest quality benchmarks.
Project Management and control
Aquamarine's project management is dedicated to keeping projects on track, on budget, and in line with top-quality and HSSE standards, regardless of project size or location. Our experienced teams, well-versed in all engineering disciplines and industries, deliver full-scale project management services for both turnkey projects and specific project phases.
Aquamarine provides comprehensive E&I installation, pre-commissioning, and commissioning services for various systems, including electrical, instrumentation, control, cathodic protection, firefighting/detection, HVAC, and telecommunication systems. They offer turnkey E&I installation solutions for facilities with different voltage requirements, serving industrial process plants, mining, and petrochemical industries. Aquamarine employs highly skilled engineers and specialists with certifications in areas like EX-inspection, MV cable jointing, termination, SYSTIMAX installation, and fiber optic installation to ensure quality and compliance.
Pre-commissioning and commissioning and start-ups
Commissioning and start-up is a crucial phase in any project, ensuring that the facilities are constructed and assembled correctly, safe, reliable, and ready for their intended tasks. Aquamarine’s experienced and motivated team is dedicated to executing all commissioning and start-up steps accurately and precisely. This ensures the delivery of a fully operational plant, meeting safety standards, confirming correct installations, verifying equipment functionality, and facilitating a professional handover. Aquamarine excels as a provider of integrated commissioning and start-up services, effectively bridging the gap between the design, construction, and operational phases of a project.
asset integrity Management (aim)
Over the last five years, Aquamarine has developed a model for efficient Asset Integrity Management (AIM) services, spanning the asset life cycle from design to decommissioning. This includes various asset types in upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors. Aquamarine’s qualified AIM team adheres to industry codes and standards (ISO 55001, ISO 55002, API 580, API 581) and provides comprehensive AIM services, including digitalizing partner's Asset Management Systems for improved integrity management efficiency.
Laser scanning and 3d modeling
Aquamarine leverages advanced technologies like laser scanning and radar mapping to create AS-IS 3D models and documentation, even when as-built data is absent. Using industry-standard software, they generate various types of AS-IS models, including primitive, semi-intelligent, and fully intelligent 3D models, as part of their digitalization solutions.